Liquid Breath®

Breathwork is the new Yoga

Experience your breathing as your natural medicine and activate your body's self-healing ability. The GIFT brings you deep relaxation and gentle self-healing


Liquid Breath® gives you a sense of 'fluidity'. Beyond words.

Liquid Breath® is The feminine Breath. Beyond doing.

Liquid Breath® is a received breathing method. Beyond techniques. Unique, Liquid Breath® is about your exhalation. Gently breathing out everything that no longer serves you. 

You literally blow off physical, mental and emotional tension and thereby cleanse your body on each exhalation. This automatically creates a new inhalation. This energizes your body and creates new space. 

We also call Liquid Breath®:

♥ the receiving breath,
♥ the feminine breath,
♥ the coming home breath,
♥ the all-the-work-is-done breath.
Liquid Breath® is your 'feeling practice'. It is not breath'work'. You don't have to work, you don't have to do anything. You take a journey in several gentle steps, resulting in deep relaxation and healing of yourself.


The out-breath has focus and cleanses your body. Your inhalation comes naturally to energize and uplift.

You effortlessly, gently and consciously fill and find your full breathing space through the breathing phases.

A physical, mental, emotional and energetic experience beyond techniques. Holiday for your brain.

A 50-minute lying down Liquid Breath® breathing session to restore your body and to relax deeper than ever before. A gentle and powerful experience. 'You can always relax more'.

GIFT is the acronym for the different stages:




Trance State

Receive the GIFT to relax deeper than ever before, in physical pain, illness, insomnia, apathy, listlessness. The GIFT is very powerful for everyone.

Recommended dose
2 x per month and as needed

Lia Bos Liquid Breath trainer teacher Portugal


Relaxation is not an on/off switch, but a layering, a level. Cora, the fouder of this amazing method says: 'You can always relax more.' You can always relax more deeply. It is scientifically proven that 90% of all diseases are caused by stress. If you are stressed, you cannot relax. Liquid Breath® invites you to use your exhalation as a tap to purge, restore and to release. The next inhalation and opens and energizes you on all levels. Liquid Breath® teaches you to relax deeper. And more. And more often. Both immediately and permanently.


The breath is the only system in your body that you can use both consciously and unconsciously. Liquid Breath® activates your conscious breath. Your exhalation discharges and cleanses your energy system and body. Normally you only use 30% of your breathing capacity. We can easily double that capacity. Usually this is a new experience. More breath = more energy = more prana, life force, ki, chi. Feeling = knowing.


Your brain has a vibration. A frequency. Measured in Herz. In Bèta (14-40 Hz) you are busy and active, in Alpha (8-14 Hz) relaxed and in Thèta (4-8 Hz) deeply intuitive and creative and in Delta in deep sleep. E-motions also have a vibration. They are literally 'energy in motion'. Liquid Breath® moves stuck e-motions. Through the exhalation we discharge the low vibrating energy. The inhalation then energises you. Your brain wave frequency drops to Thèta and thus your energy/frequency rises. Feeling = knowing.


You will always be guided 1 on 1. A session lasts about 90 min. We don't rush, your breath is leading and we don't pull. We feel, let be and experience. It's going to be a magical journey. Your journey. This magical GIFT journey will cost you €111. When are we flying? 

Physical effects Liquid Breath®

  • Pain reduction and/or disappearance
  • Better/longer/deeper/quieter sleep
  • Improving condition and fitness
  • Experiencing more energy and feeling fit and rested
  • Skin radiance, better hair growth, detox organs
  • Lowering of blood pressure

Mental effects Liquid Breath®

  • Worry and depression reduce and disappear
  • Fear and panic attacks diminish and disappear
  • Recovery from addiction and illness
  • Recovery from burn-out faster / more conscious
  • More self-confidence
  • More self-knowledge and confidence in body and mind.

Emotional effects Liquid Breath®

  • Growth of self-confidence
  • Growth of confidence in your body
  • Experiencing more meaning
  • Experiencing more impact from yourself in the lives of others
  • Self-love and appreciation
  • Feeling of freedom
  • More balance and flow
  • More happiness, gratitude

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